Hillary Rodham Clinton (HILLPAC)

The beginning of every successful relationship starts with listening; The biggest time and money saver in this business is to be an excellent listener. Listening to the client speak of their goals, wishes, timelines, and budget is always the foundation to a rewarding project and the start of a great relationship.
FEATURED PROJECT:  Fundraising invitation hosted by Lisa Perry

MTV (Kenna Kay)

Who are you speaking to your audience, determines the language and the tone of your words - most often I find rushed design imparts more of the designer/clients’ wants and desires into the message and doesn’t take into consideration the wants and needs of its target audience.
FEATURED PROJECT: Video clip of Nicktoons revamp, video will not play on smartphone

Lincoln Center

Quality is the marriage between meaning and ambiguity. I have a positive interpretation of ambiguity in that it is a plurality of meanings or the possibility of a design being read in different ways with each complementing the other to enrich its wholeness. Meaning, in design, means to understand the subject in all its aspects; to relate the subject to the sender and the receiver in such a way that it makes sense to both. 
FEATURED PROJECT: Three books published in conjunction with concert series focused on the works of Leonard Bernstein, Paul Bowles and the intersections between Baroque and Minimalism

MSK (Memorial Sloan Kettering)

In layouts, consistency is key that's why I continue to use Massimo Vignelli's advice in sticking to a grid system in all my layouts. Each system is always spiced up with a few exceptions to keep the experience fresh.
FEATURED PROJECT: Art walk maps for ambulation for the Josie Robertson Surgery Center

Content Muse

I think of any publication - be it a magazine, pamphlet, website, book, or a national commercial as an experience because its beauty is the interaction between the content and the viewer who turns, flips, or swipes through the content however they choose. A minimal layout always yields a very satisfying experience - when articulated in a surprising repetitive way because the design almost disappears to the eye of the viewer.
FEATURED PROJECT: National 4 spot commercial treatment for Proraso Grooming products for men

Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection

Identity and diversity is the essential contraposition in bringing life to design. Too much diversity creates fragmentation - a very common theme of badly designed communication. Too much identity generates perceptive redundancy and lack of retention. The most successful identities – corporate or personal – have achieved the proper tension by balancing the strength of identity with the spontaneity of diversity.
FEATURED PROJECT: Provenance labels for Leonard A. Lauder's Cubist Collection

Eos Orchestra

Choices matter. On any given day, at any given moment, our thoughts, words, and actions – matter – and we must be wiling to shoulder the responsibility of defending our choices with an open heart and mind.
FEATURED PROJECT: 2005 Concert Series Promotional Campaign Materials including, brochure, posters, website, invitations, tickets, and a 10 year anniversary book. 

The New Yorker (Caroline Mailhot)

Every elements should provoke the senses and illicit a response. Color is an identifier or signifier. Manipulation of scale implies knowledge and full awareness of the meaning of scale. The choice of the proper material shows discipline. Light is the master of form and texture. And layouts are always the personality of the designer coming through the design. 
FEATURED PROJECT: Interactive design for Art Director Caroline Mailhot, video will not play on smartphone

Scott Hunt (Artist)

Choosing the right materials is paramount between a good and a great response. Correct materials are always appropriate materials and appropriateness requires discipline. Without discipline, there is not such thing as good design. So, having the discipline to be appropriate leads to enthusiastic approval of the client which is exactly what this entire process is about. 
FEATURED PROJECT: website design

Evamere Entertainment

Long lasting values equals long lasting designs. I work within a defined space of color, space, and layouts because all the roads I’ve taken have always lead me to one place: stick to your values and everything will work out beautifully - perhaps not as expected but most often, the satisfaction taken from doing a job well is knowing it will endure because it was built upon true values.
FEATURED PROJECT: Identity design

SVA (BFA Photo & Video)

Visual power’s secret is in the right organization of information and there are an infinite amount of possibilities to achieve that powerful expression through concept, form, color, and texture. When every element in the design showcases the content in the most productive way, visual power's secret reveals itself as an expression of creative strength –  defining a clear concept expressed in a beautiful form.
FEATURED PROJECT: Identity design for SVA's Untitled, (Gender & Representation), Symposium.